Feb 28, 2011

FB is Making Me a Poor Blogger

Yes, it's true. I used to be a better blogger, but that was before FaceBook came along. Now that it's there, it is just so much easier to interact with a larger number of people than blogging allows. The trouble is, I know that a lot of the people who read my blog don't "do" fb. So, there is really no solution in sight.

The truth is, I actually prefer blogs. They allow for so much more control over information, and so much less information overload (at least in a little personal blog like mine). FB is one that is all about the most recent happenings. While the "flow" of this blog is starts and stops, like stopping by and looking through a window on occasion, fb is more like a rapidly flowing river; readers just stand on the banks and watch little bits of debris as they float by, taking away some news, some entertainment, some glimpses of friends' lives. So you can see that for someone who posts information, tossing something into the river on occasion only takes a few minutes and requires very little effort. It's just such an easy thing to do. Still, I will continue to strive to make occasional postings here and keep in touch with my friends of a different nature.

The photo on the left is from a glimpse into my weekend in Port Moresby posted on, you guessed it, FaceBook. I'm posting a link to the photo album, in case you want to see the others. And no, you don't have to be a member of FaceBook to view them. Link to FB Album.

Feb 8, 2011

Life at Moro

Leo and I both really like it here in Moro, though we would be hard pressed to explain why. Although it's nice for us to get to see each other every day, it's not like we get a chance to do anything more than eat meals together and chit chat a bit. We live in different dorms and are not allowed to cross that line. And other than the mess hall, there are really no places to "hang out" together. But, it is a surprisingly comfortable place for the both of us to work.

Because I am only a visitor here, I have to set up and work from wherever I can. This room is typically buzzing with business, but the guy that works the job called in sick (malaria) so some of the others are having to double-up. The Internet connection here is a bit slow, and the Oil Search company network even slower, but it is still possible to make progress. So, I continue to chip away at things.

I also have 2 classes to attend from here this week. One was this morning, and I lost my connection a couple of times, but was able to stay in for most of the session. The other will be on Thursday morning for me, although it happens on Wednesday night back in Texas. So, I push my hardhat aside, fire up my laptop, and hope for good weather (key to maintaining a connection here) when it's time for class.

I was finally able to get a pair of safety boots and a long-sleeved shirt and Leo and I took a walk to take some photos of some problem areas he is trying to get fixed up. I get the idea that the guys find our situation, the fact that we are married, humorous. Leo often introduces me as "his boss" which is definitely not true, although I hold a position that his slightly higher than his. The guys really get tickled at this, and actually don't know what to make of it all. Still, they can see that we work relatively well together, that we are intent on making some changes here to improve the safety of the workplace as well as make it easier on the guys in whatever ways we can. So, they like us and we like them. Yes, it's a good week here in Moro and we are making forward progress. We'll be headed back to Moresby on Saturday where we'll spend one-half of a day together. On Sunday morning I'll leave town again.

Yup. What a life!

Feb 5, 2011

Back to Moro

I leave in 2 hours to go back up to Moro for the week. Leo (my hubby) and Andrew (the acting manager there) have motivated the guys to make some solid on-site improvements, so it is a great time for me to show up and lend a hand. My focus this week will be on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a database for tracking truck and cargo movements, and some TWL safety culture improvements. Yes, that's a big slate for a short period.

The signing of the MOU went well, we had some nice publicity out of it, and have already begun work in earnest on follow-up items. The first few steps involve me and a big way as I will be hunting down and collecting data, organising the information, and sharing it with the folks back in Alaska/Washington. Yes, fun times ahead, but also a LOT of work. Still, that's what I hired on for, right?

I'll do my best to post some photos from Moro here soon.

Feb 3, 2011

Another Change of Plans

Of course, things here change so frequently, I can't imagine why I think the title of this post has any real meaning. There are no real plans here...only thoughts about having them. :-)

Today we sign a BIG MOU (memorandum of agreement) to join forces with an Alaskan trucking/logistics firm in developing some new opportunities here in PNG. Saturday I hop a plane back to Moro, where I will stay for a week. When I leave on the following Saturday, Leo will come home with me. Sunday, I leave for Lae, and he leaves for Brisbane, Australia. Tuesday, he picks our daughter, Rebecca, up in Brisbane and brings her back here to Port Moresby. Wednesday, they fly to Lae together and spend 3 days with me there.

Sound confusing? Yeah, I think so too. Can't wait to find out of this "plan" gets executed anywhere near the way I have outlined it above. :-)