Feb 8, 2011

Life at Moro

Leo and I both really like it here in Moro, though we would be hard pressed to explain why. Although it's nice for us to get to see each other every day, it's not like we get a chance to do anything more than eat meals together and chit chat a bit. We live in different dorms and are not allowed to cross that line. And other than the mess hall, there are really no places to "hang out" together. But, it is a surprisingly comfortable place for the both of us to work.

Because I am only a visitor here, I have to set up and work from wherever I can. This room is typically buzzing with business, but the guy that works the job called in sick (malaria) so some of the others are having to double-up. The Internet connection here is a bit slow, and the Oil Search company network even slower, but it is still possible to make progress. So, I continue to chip away at things.

I also have 2 classes to attend from here this week. One was this morning, and I lost my connection a couple of times, but was able to stay in for most of the session. The other will be on Thursday morning for me, although it happens on Wednesday night back in Texas. So, I push my hardhat aside, fire up my laptop, and hope for good weather (key to maintaining a connection here) when it's time for class.

I was finally able to get a pair of safety boots and a long-sleeved shirt and Leo and I took a walk to take some photos of some problem areas he is trying to get fixed up. I get the idea that the guys find our situation, the fact that we are married, humorous. Leo often introduces me as "his boss" which is definitely not true, although I hold a position that his slightly higher than his. The guys really get tickled at this, and actually don't know what to make of it all. Still, they can see that we work relatively well together, that we are intent on making some changes here to improve the safety of the workplace as well as make it easier on the guys in whatever ways we can. So, they like us and we like them. Yes, it's a good week here in Moro and we are making forward progress. We'll be headed back to Moresby on Saturday where we'll spend one-half of a day together. On Sunday morning I'll leave town again.

Yup. What a life!

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