Feb 3, 2011

Another Change of Plans

Of course, things here change so frequently, I can't imagine why I think the title of this post has any real meaning. There are no real plans here...only thoughts about having them. :-)

Today we sign a BIG MOU (memorandum of agreement) to join forces with an Alaskan trucking/logistics firm in developing some new opportunities here in PNG. Saturday I hop a plane back to Moro, where I will stay for a week. When I leave on the following Saturday, Leo will come home with me. Sunday, I leave for Lae, and he leaves for Brisbane, Australia. Tuesday, he picks our daughter, Rebecca, up in Brisbane and brings her back here to Port Moresby. Wednesday, they fly to Lae together and spend 3 days with me there.

Sound confusing? Yeah, I think so too. Can't wait to find out of this "plan" gets executed anywhere near the way I have outlined it above. :-)

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