Feb 5, 2011

Back to Moro

I leave in 2 hours to go back up to Moro for the week. Leo (my hubby) and Andrew (the acting manager there) have motivated the guys to make some solid on-site improvements, so it is a great time for me to show up and lend a hand. My focus this week will be on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), a database for tracking truck and cargo movements, and some TWL safety culture improvements. Yes, that's a big slate for a short period.

The signing of the MOU went well, we had some nice publicity out of it, and have already begun work in earnest on follow-up items. The first few steps involve me and a big way as I will be hunting down and collecting data, organising the information, and sharing it with the folks back in Alaska/Washington. Yes, fun times ahead, but also a LOT of work. Still, that's what I hired on for, right?

I'll do my best to post some photos from Moro here soon.

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