Jul 10, 2011

Out My Window 365-001

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Flowers for Sunday Service

I caught a glimpse of these three out my window today. It had to be the brightly coloured flowers that caught my eye. From the nicely pressed shirts they were wearing, my guess is that they were headed to church. On the way, the boys stopped and pulled out some string, or perhaps a vine, from the rubbish across the street. They then used this to tie up their bunches of flowers.

Other notes:

  • the footwear is definitely typical for the streets of Moresby
  • the bilum carried by the young man on the right is typical of men here
  • the bright red splotches on the street are where people chewing betel nut have spit
  • the not-so-bright splotches are old spittings
  • the husks you see on the ground are from the betel nuts

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