Jul 15, 2011

Out My Window 365-006

Click on photo for a larger view


Although my rules for "the game" are that I have to be on one side of the window and shoot items on the other, I'm going to argue that this one counts as the city is quite visible behind me.

First, I took the photo as I am not often in photos these days. This is my "proof" of existence, I guess.

  • The building on the left behind me is the newest of the downtown hotels, scheduled to be completed later this year and slated to be a really big deal here.
  • The tall building on the right behind me is Deloitte Towers. I've visited the IFC offices there on a number of occasions and have to say they are really impressive and quite beautifully done.
  • The street visible behind me is two city blocks long, starting at my building and ending just up the hill from Credit Corp, where I work.
  • My driving path to work is up on the right-hand side of the median (the left-hand side is for PMV's, the local buses) entering the round-about and exiting on the left-side of the median to continue up the hill. When I reach the top of that street (just one "block") I hang a right and head down the hill to the back of my building where I drive into the car park ("parking garage" for you Texans).
  • The brown item on the right is my beautiful carved mask. It is hung in the corner by the window as that is the only place in my flat that I can hang it, at the moment. Later, I hope to move it to a more prominent position in the room.

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