Jul 12, 2011

Out My Window 365-003

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Expat Living

The apartment I live in in large and comfortable, but also run-down and lacking some amenities. These apartments on the other side of Town are typical expat digs. I've spent several nights parked out on the deck tucked in behind the lower-right building and to the left of the glass-enclosed exercise room. We typically share a meal, drinks, and laughter on breezy evening by the pool, enjoying the view of POM from this perch. How sad that this kind of living cannot be shared by all in POM. My guess is that these apartments run between 8,000 and 12,000 kina per week, which equates to $3,500-$5,000 US, PER WEEK! Glad I know someone with deep pockets (ExxonMobil friends) and twice as glad not to have to spend this kind of money for my own living arrangements.

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