Mar 19, 2010

Community Project

We finally finished the puzzle yesterday. It was a real challenge, especially considering the fact that we were limited on space. But the really cool thing is that somewhere between 12 and 15 people had a hand in putting it together, some of them with little or no English skills at all. It was a real Community Project.

At home in Port Lavaca, especially when Leo is in Nigeria, my brother-in-law Jess and I work puzzles together, a LOT. We usually work at his kitchen table. He knows that when I get working on my computer I sometimes go for such a long time, actually TOO long, without stopping. So, to encourage me to take a break now and then, he always has a puzzle waiting on me to work on with him. It is a good time for us to visit and for me to get my mind off my work. When I was in Brisbane last week, I brought 2 puzzles back with me for the same give me a break from my work now and then. [Especially since I am often a bit "isolated" from interactions here.]

I had no idea how popular the puzzle would be here. Nearly everyone who comes through the door takes a shot at working on it. It also seems to be a great way to talk and enjoy each other's company. My husband will be the first to tell you what a "loner" I can be, sometimes to the point of seeming anti-social. The puzzle activity seems to help even me be at least slightly entertaining for guests that come to visit. I will definitely bring more when I come back in June, and can't wait to break this one up and pass it on for someone else to enjoy!

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