Mar 17, 2010

Leo Out With the Girls

I just talked to Leo on Skype...he's sitting at Texas Roadhouse in LaPorte waiting on Rachael, Lee and the five grandkids as well as Michelle to show up for a family get-together. Chuck [Michelle's mate] wasn't able to come, but Leo went by his place and visited for half an hour before heading to Roadhouse. I thought it would make me sad to hear about it all, but it didn't. Of course I wish I could be there too, but I'm expecting them to have a LOT of fun with "Pawpaw Leo" this evening.

Leo almost blew it for me when he asked what appetizers he should order for the kids. On some days, thoughts of warm rolls and loaded potato skins might reduce me to tears, but today, I'm cooking a batch of fresh pineapple jam, so I was able to ignore the jab. :-)

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