Mar 17, 2010

Morning Sweep

I've taken a clue from my neighbor and start each morning by sweeping out the ground floor of my apartment. Sweeping is done with a broom, but not the kind I'm used to. I was given a bundle of stiff dried grasses (similar to some I have as decoration in my home) tied with a rubber band. At first, I tried to use it like my broom at home, but that was totally ineffective. By watching my neighbor (a sweet woman who speaks no English), I've got a bit of technique figured out.

First, you bend at the waist until your hands can lay flat on the floor. (Yes, as big and old as I am, this is something I can still accomplish!) Next, you take the bundle and sweep ACROSS the floor with the ends of the reeds angled only slightly down, as opposed to the way we sweep at home with the ends almost straight DOWN on the floor. Then, you move toward the door as you go, taking the dirt out onto the porch, then off into the gravel or grass.

I woke up this morning to find multiple lines of tiny ants all across my kitchen, and concentrated around my rubbish bin (read "trash can" in Port Lavaca). After a quick pass with my broom, I was able to direct the little critters right out the door. You've heard of "herding cats", right? Well, this is definitely herding ants! But don't knock can be done.

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